Will Tell Pak To Take Back Bodies, Says Army After Stopping Infiltration

Naugam sector: The intruders were wearing combat uniforms like Pakistani regular army ones and were carrying supplies with Pakistani markings

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Updated: December 31, 2018, 10:46 AM IST

The Army today said it has foiled a major attempt by Pakistani forces to strike a forward post along the Line of Control at Naugam sector in the early hours of Sunday. The Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) tried to move under the cover of the dense jungles close to the LoC, helped by heavy covering fire of high-calibre weapons such as mortars and rockets from the Pakistani posts, said an Army spokesman.
WillTell PakToTaBackBod
Will Tell Pak To Take Back Bodies
The spokesman said their movement was detected by the troops deployed along the LoC, the spokesman said. The intense gunfight continued through the night.
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The Army then launched a search operation in the thick jungle, following which they confirmed that two men who were likely to be Pakistani soldiers were killed. The Army also found a large quantity of weapons and supplies that appeared to be kept for a prolonged encounter.

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Search operations are still underway at the sector to sanitise the area, the spokesman said. Some intruders are believed to have escaped across the LoC under the cover of Pakistani firing and low visibility due to bad weather.
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The intruders were wearing combat uniforms like Pakistani regular army ones and were carrying supplies with Pakistani markings. Some intruders were also seen in Border Security Force and old pattern Indian Army uniforms as part of their deception strategy.
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The intruders were well-equipped with improvised explosive devices and incendiary material. From the recovery, it was estimated that they intended to carry out a large-scale attack on the Army’s forward post at Naugam sector.
The Army authorities appreciated the troops for the timely intervention. “The Army’s resolve to keep a strict vigil along the LoC and defeat all such nefarious designs of Pakistan will continue to remain firm and consistent,” the Army said in a statement.
“We will ask Pakistan to take back the bodies of the likely Pakistani soldiers since Pakistan did provide full covering fire support to these intruders,” it said.
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