Trump combat shows the rocky road ahead of the weekend

Washington: President Donald Trump has responded to the intermediate election, which represents a feud for his polarization and aggressive behavior by recommending his polar political style, which establishes a disturbance for the next two years.

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Updated: November 19, 2018, 5:04 PM IST

The busy weekend of Trumpet worked entirely as a microcross for the presidency, because he took a seat with humiliation, started attacks on key figures who criticized him and returned for a fire on immigration.
In one spot, he dropped out on the former retired Adam William McVaven of the Special Operations Command and attacked the army to kill Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden before 2011.
He also dismissed a report from the Washington Post that the CIA believed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which is a likely example of the President when he Fights with political goals.
And Trump revived the dangerous thing on a caravan of asylum seekers across Mexico towards the southern border, on which he started a negligence campaign with lies and racism.
“The Mayor of Tijuana of Mexico has just said that ‘the city is ready to handle many migrants, backlog can last up to 6 months'” Trump tweeted on Sunday. “Similarly, America is ready for this attack and will not stand for it, they are creating crime and big problems in Mexico, go home!”
And a day after the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders demanded “decoration”, the court reacted in order to return the seized certif
icate of CNN’s Jim Acosta, Trump has destroyed a porn tweet on the enemy for a long time done.
“Little Adam Shite (D-CA) is very funny talking about the fact that Acting General Matt Whitaker was not approved by the Senate, but does not mention the fact that Bob Mueller (who is highly controversial) ) Was not approved by the Senate! “Trump wrote, referring to Adam Schiff, who will run the House Intelligence Committee next year.
For any other president, these attacks and comments will represent the extraordinary violation of the White House norms.
For trump, they show their own competitive temperament and desire to remove conventions and political correctness, which they clearly believe is their key to their strong bond with their most loyal supporters.
In Shief, his zodiac was also a reminder that how to investigate Russia, now considered in a critical phase, hover over everything happening in Trump’s presidency.
Trump said that he will present written answers to questions raised by Mueller about his alleged involvement in the campaign and Russia this week.
The determination of reluctance for reducing President’s determination and their confrontation approach suggests that there is little self-reliance on the Democratic occupation of fuel when suburban voters reject Trump.
It can also indicate that President will bet on his strategy to organize the political base in anger to win election college in 2016, or win in the re-election race in 2020. Such an approach helped him win Senate seats – though this year on a favorable election map for GOP.
But the exit polls revealed that 38% of those who voted in the House Race did so to protest Trump, compared to 26% who had supported them.
To try to win them back in 2020, with women voters and non-partisan people in urban areas, they will have a possible solution to trump to reduce the behavior of polarizing them.
In recent days, Trump has been a rare moment of bilateralism. Democrats and Republicans gathered to celebrate a bill in the White House, which represents a small step toward criminal justice reform.
Trump paid tribute to two enemies, he allegedly criticized during the midworms – Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abram from Georgia and Andrew Gilmour of Florida formally defeated.
But there is a strong indication that Trump is planning to be less hindered than norms, as it is clear in his talk about changing his cabinet.
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By appointing a Mueller critic Whitaker instead of former attorney general Jeff Sessions, the President has already removed the barrier in his desire to control the Justice Department.
On “Fox News Sunday”, he said that he wants more aggressive enforcement of his radical immigration policies.
Referring to the reports that Homeland Security secretary Kirsten Nelson is stepping out, Trump said: “I want it to be very difficult, and we will see what happens there. But I want to be extremely difficult.”
A senior administrative officer had given special characteristic of the President’s goals in re-changing his team for Jake Taper last week.

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