Hillary Clinton does bhangra with John Kerry at Isha Ambani sangeet

Hillary Clinton is one of the esteemed guests who are present at Isha Ambani wedding celebrations in Udaipur this weekend. Hillary enjoyed the festivities at the sangeet as she danced on stage with the Ambani family.
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Updated: December 10, 2018, 10:19 AM IST
sha Ambani and Anand Piramal’s sangeet function on December 8 was a huge success and a night that none of the guests will probably forget for a long time.
Hillary Clinton does bhangra with John Kerry at Isha Ambani sangeet
The Ambanis are famous for hosting larger-than-life parties and bashes, but they went all out for their beloved daughter Isha’s wedding. This is clear by the fact that they invited esteemed guests from all walks of life like Bollywood, sports, business and politics, and from all over the world.
But what topped all of this is the fact that Hillary Clinton, former First Lady of the United States was also part of the festivities.
Hillary received a warm welcome from the elated parents of the bride, Mukesh and Nita Ambani, and was seen quite excited to be joining the celebrations.
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Then came the biggest surprise of the night. Hillary danced – no, strike that – she danced to bhangra beats with John Kerry, former US Secretary Of State and the entire Ambani clan.
Hillary was dressed in Indian attire and was seen doing the bhangra with a lot of excitement.
It was definitely one of the highlights of the big night.
The celebrations continue today with a live performance this evening by American singing sensation Beyonce, who arrived in Udaipur early today.
Without a doubt, this celebration is a grand one and something nobody will forget for quite some time.
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